The site is a prototype health facilities information resource for all interested in the planning and design of emergency facilities. Goals of this initiative include:

1. Reference and repository for publications, web links, and other resources.
2. A forum for discussion of planning and design issues
3. Presentation of specific planning techniques and tools for the overall design of emergency services and unique subcomponents
4. A virtual tour site with photos and descriptions of new facilities.

As a "wiki" site, participating site members will have an opporunity to contribute information and modify specific sections. Through this approach the site will grow and maintain current information.

I am looking forward to your participation and support of this initiative.

Frank Zilm,D.Arch,FAIA, FACHA

Please contact me at moc.mliz|knarF#moc.mliz|knarF 816-561-7186 if you would like to become a contributor, have any questions, or suggestions.

Contributors to this site include:

Frank Zilm,D.Arch., FAIA, FACHA, President, Frank Zilm & Associates, Inc.
Peter L. Bardwell, FAIA, FACHA, BARDWELL+associates, LLC
David R. Vincent, AIA, ACHA, HKS Inc.
Jennifer Aliber, AIA, ACHA, Shepley Bulfinch
Jeff Wise, FreemanWhite, Inc.
Kirk Hamilton, FAIA, FACHA, Texas A&M
Paul Petska, Affiliated Engineers, Inc.
James J Augustine, MD EMP Management
Sheila J. Bosch, Ph.D. LEED AP, Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Arcthicture
John M. (Jay) Shiver, MHA, FACHE, FAAMA, George Mason University
Michael P. Pietrzak, MD, PAHM

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